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Precautions For The Digestive Tract Of Endoscopy

Released on Jul. 27, 2019

Here is Endoscopic Camera Factory talking about precautions for the digestive tract of Endoscopy.

Preparation before inspection Intestinal preparation is one of the keys to successful examination.


(l) Use a small slag and semi-flow diet for 1~2 days before the test, and fast in the morning.

(2) There are many ways to clean the intestines. At present, it is the easiest and most effective way to use salt laxatives. 3 hours before the examination, the patient should drink 3000~4000ml of sodium chloride washing solution, or the main intestinal juice containing phosphate buffer. The total amount of drinking water is less than 1000ml, which can achieve the same effect of clearing the intestine. Liquid paraffin can not effectively cause diarrhea, and can damage the rubber outer skin of the front of the colonoscope. Although mannitol can effectively lead to diarrhea, it can be catalyzed by bacteria in the intestine, such as high-frequency electrocoagulation treatment. The danger should be paid special attention.

(3) Read the colonoscopy application form, briefly ask about the medical history, make necessary physical risks, understand the indications for the examination, and whether there are contraindications. Do a good job of explaining the work, explain the necessity and safety of surgery, eliminate fear, and strive for active cooperation.

(4) Preoperative lunar medicine, which can be intramuscularly injected with 2. 5~5mg and pethidine 50mg. It should be especially vigilant because the pain threshold is increased and the signal causing intestinal perforation is reduced. The antispasmodic agent can inhibit peristalsis and facilitate operation. It can be intramuscularly injected with atropine 0.5 mg intramuscularly or butyl bromide 10 mg intramuscularly 5 to 10 minutes before surgery; ketamine intramuscular injection or vein should be used for colonoscopy in children under 12 years old. Anesthesia, dosage and usage should be determined and observed by an experienced anesthesiologist. Sigmoidoscopy does not require pre-medication; if the colonoscopy is skilled, the patient can fully understand and cooperate with the drug.

(5) The examination room should preferably have darkroom equipment and X-ray machines, monitoring devices and rescue medicines in case of emergency. Exam big website finishing

(6) Check the colonoscope and accessories, like a gastroscope, to ensure colonoscopy performance and quality.