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The Composition Of A Medical Endoscopic Camera

Released on Jul. 31, 2019

The composition of a Endoscope Camera For Medical consists mainly of three major components:

Endoscope Camera For Medical

Endoscope Camera For Medical

1. Objective lens (endoscope: hard tube mirror and hose mirror)

It refers to the endoscope.

2. Electric coupler CCD

It is an imaging system for endoscopic cameras. Common name: CCD

It is worth mentioning that the clarity of the CCD camera depends on the quality of the CCD original and the ability of the entire circuit system to process and restore the image. Many manufacturers use the SONY CCD component to shoot the SONY camera.

3. Medical monitor

Divided into CRT medical display, LCD medical display. Today, most of them use LCD medical displays, MOYOSUN magic words, Taiwan Qi Ling CHILIN, and other well-known brands.

4. Cold light source and control host

In addition, you can add a computer and a capture card to achieve image acquisition and storage.