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The Performance Characteristics Of Colposcope

Released on Aug. 02, 2019

The performance characteristics of colposcope:

1. The Digital Colposcope uses the current high-quality 1/4-inch color digital optical zoom lens, 16x optical zoom, and 480,000 pixels to provide full-screen high-definition images.

2. DSP dynamic autofocus system, digital 8x zoom. With manual focus adjustment. Super near camera, can achieve satisfactory imaging beyond 0.2m.

3. ATW mode internal automatic metering, automatic brightness adjustment and electronic anti-vibration measures, dynamic focus balance around.

4. Adopt fast focus CCD technology to make clinical examination, observation and operation more convenient and quick.

5. High-speed dedicated computer processing to achieve integrated management of diseased image freeze, acquisition, storage, analysis, printing and operation.

6. High brightness light source design to improve your observation.

Digital Colposcope