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Do You Know The Structure Of Colposcopy?

Released on Sep. 11, 2019

Here is a professional Digital Video Colposcope Manufacturer talking about the structure of colposcopy.

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High Quality Colposcopy

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1. The optical colposcope consists mainly of a mirror body, a bracket, a light source and an accessory.

(1) Mirror body: located at the top of the bracket, with tilt adjustment and left and right adjustment handles to ensure that the mirror body can rotate freely. There are two objective lenses in front, light source outlet and filter lens. The rear end has a binocular eyepiece, and the binocular spacing adjustment is based on the pupil spacing of the examiner, so that the images of the double eyepieces overlap to form an optimal stereoscopic image.

(2) Bracket: It is divided into land type and hanging type. The choice of stent depends mainly on the conditions of the vaginal examination room.

(3) Light source: There are two kinds of light source inside the mirror and cold light source outside the mirror.

(4) Accessories: including camera systems (general camera, stereo camera and one-time imaging system), video recording system, printing system and computer graphic information management system.

2. Electron colposcopy mainly includes electronic vagina lens body, brackets and accessories.

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