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Results Of Colposcope Check

Released on Sep. 18, 2019

Find here details of Colposcope on our website. Today we would like to talk about results of colposcope check.

Video Colposcope

Video Colposcope

1. Normal cervix and vaginal squamous epithelium The epithelium is smooth and pink. The epithelium does not change color after 3% acetic acid is applied. The iodine test was positive.

2. Cervical vaginal columnar epithelium The columnar epithelium in the cervical canal is moved down, replacing the squamous epithelium of the cervix, clinically known as cervical erosion. The surface of the naked eye is seen as a fluffy, reddish color. After 3% acetic acid application, it swollen quickly and became grape-like. The iodine test was negative.

3. Transforming area The area in which the squamous epithelium intersects with the columnar epithelium contains neonatal squamous epithelium and columnar epithelium that has not been replaced by squamous epithelium. Colp-like capillaries are seen under colposcopy; grape islands formed by the epithelium surrounding the columnar epithelium; glandular openings opening in the metaplastic epithelium and retention cysts (cervical gland cysts) covered by metaplastic epithelium. After the application of 3% acetic acid, the metaplastic epithelium was significantly contrasted with the columnar epithelium in the circle. After iodine application, the iodine coloration is different. The pathological examination was squamous metaplasia.

4. Abnormal colposcopy images The iodine test is negative, including shared by Medical Video Colposcope Manufacturer:

(1) White epithelium: white after application of acetic acid, clear boundary, no blood vessels. Pathological examination may be metaplastic epithelium and dysplasia.

(2) White spot: white patch with rough surface and no blood vessels. It can also be seen without applying 3% acetic acid. Pathological examination is hyperkeratosis or parakeratosis, sometimes HPV infection. There may be malignant lesions in or around the leukoplakia, and a biopsy should be performed routinely.

(3) Point structure: the old white spot base. Whitened with 3% acetic acid, the boundary is clear, the surface is smooth and there are very fine red spots (pointed capillaries). Pathological examination may have dysplasia.

(4) Mosaic: Irregular blood vessels divide the white epithelium with 3% acetic acid and divide it into small blocks with clear boundaries and irregular shapes, just like the pattern of red thin lines. If the surface is irregular, the blood vessels are pushed to the periphery, suggesting that the cells are hyperplastic, and attention should be paid to cancer. Pathological examination is often dysplasia.

(5) Shaped blood vessels: refers to the diameter, size, shape, branch, direction and arrangement of blood vessels are extremely irregular, such as spiral shape, comma shape, hairpin shape, leaf shape, line sphere, bayberry shape and so on. Pathological examinations are mostly cancerous to varying degrees.

5. Early cervical cancer under strong light, the surface structure is unclear, cloud, brain, lard-like, surface pin high or slightly depressed. Local vascular abnormal hyperplasia, lumen enlargement, loss of normal blood vessel branching, widening mutual distance, special disordered shape, can be changed into a shape of a scorpion, a stick, a hairpin, a spiral or a pompon. After applying 3% acetic acid, the surface is glassy edema or cooked meat, and often has a profiled epithelium. The iodine test was negative or very lightly colored.

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