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Precautions for colposcopy biopsy

Released on Jan. 14, 2022

Is a colposcopy the same as a colposcopy? Generally speaking, colposcopy is to diagnose whether the cervix and vaginal area have lesions through electronic influence technology; while colposcopy biopsy is to take a small piece of tissue from the cervix for pathological examination to make a diagnosis.

Precautions for colposcopy biopsy include:

1. Do not lavage the vagina after biopsy. This is because a small wound will be left on the cervix after the biopsy, especially some topical drugs, which cannot be used after the biopsy.

2. After the biopsy, you cannot have sex within one month. After one month, it is best to wear condoms when having sex to prevent infection.

3. After the biopsy, patients with cervical cancer will experience vaginal bleeding and need to rest in bed and keep the perineum clean.

4. For severe bleeding, blood transfusion is needed in time to prevent anemia.

5. No sitz bath or vaginal lavage within 1-2 weeks after biopsy.