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Advantage Of Portable Endoscope Camera

Released on May. 29, 2019

The Portable Endoscope Camera's camera consists of three sets of ultra-high-definition CMOS chips from Panasonic's imports, which scan the 1125-line 1080P digital image for lossless acquisition. The image is clearer and the colors are richer and more realistic. Compared with the old CCD technology, the sensitivity is higher, the picture quality is better, the image data collection is larger, the digital signal is directly collected and output, the reaction speed is faster, and the power consumption is smaller. Support U disk to store 1080P video and photo, network real-time live broadcast function, IPAD transmission display real-time image function, vascular enhancement function.

The medical LED cold light source adopts the most advanced LED light-emitting technology in the world, which is more efficient and environmentally friendly. The design is stylish, the LED touch screen makes the operation more humanized, simple and convenient, and the life of the LED light-emitting module; at least 40,000 hours compared to the old-fashioned The xenon lamp, the LED output light is more uniform and the temperature is safer.

Portable Endoscope Camera