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Indication of HD Digital Electronic Colposcope

Released on May. 23, 2019

1,HD Digital Electronic Colposcope can used for vaginal cytology abnormalities: Pap smear two or more.

2, there are abnormal clinical symptoms and signs. If abnormally increased vaginal secretions are ineffective, contact bleeding, cervicitis and long-term cure.

3, clinical suspicious lesions: clinically, visual inspection revealed suspicious lesions or new organisms that cannot be diagnosed.

4, pathological section suspicious: pathological section suspicious, biopsy under colposcopy to improve the correct rate of pathological diagnosis.

5.Digital Colposcope can used for clinical and pathological inconsistency: When clinical diagnosis and pathological diagnosis are inconsistent, correct diagnosis can be made with the help of colposcopy.

6, cervical precancerous lesions, cervical cancer suspicious.

7, vaginal lesions: such as vaginal neoplasms, nodules and other properties are unknown, suspicious vaginal adenopathy, vaginal malignant tumors.

8, suspicious cervical cancer metastasis.

9, the diagnosis of vulvar lesions: genital itching, vulvar pigment changes and the biological nature of vulva is unknown.

10, the diagnosis of condyloma acuminata: especially the diagnosis of subclinical lesions.

11, follow-up: cervicitis, cervical precancerous lesions, condyloma acuminata, vaginal lesions, vulvar disease and other treatments can be used to evaluate the treatment effect and dynamic observation of the development of the disease by colposcopy.

HD Digital Electronic Colposcope