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Medical HD ENT Endoscopy Camera Can Better Treat Diseases

Released on Jun. 01, 2019

In recent years, due to factors such as climate, diet, work and rest, the incidence of otolaryngology and throat disease has increased significantly, especially chronic inflammation, nasopharyngeal cancer and other ills, seriously affecting people's physical and mental health. So, is there any convenient way to check for early prevention, early detection, and early treatment?

To this end, the Medical HD ENT Endoscopy Camera can not only check the ear, nose and throat, but also can be used for vocal cord polyps, nodules, cysts, throat foreign bodies, scar tissue, laryngeal benign tumor surgery and nose bleeding, tympanic membrane puncture, repair Wait for treatment.

The advantage of the Endoscopy Camera for ENT imaging system is that it is accurate, short-term, and non-invasive when used for examination, and has a small burden and impact on the patient's body; for treatment, the operation is accurate to the tissue, and the trauma is small. The time is short, safe and painless, and the recovery is fast after surgery.

Contraindications for inspection:

(1) The upper respiratory tract has acute inflammation accompanied by difficulty breathing.

(2) Those with severe heart and lung disease.

Checking needs to pay attention to:

(1) Prohibit diet and drinking water before inspection.

(2) It is forbidden to eat and drink water 1 hour after the examination (the anesthetic effect is easy to cause cough).

(3) Do not force spitting after surgery, avoid coughing, sneezing, if you have a cough, sneezing aura, please take a deep breath or use your tongue to squat on the upper jaw.

(4) Avoid irritating foods (such as fried, fried, spicy, spicy food).

(5) Semi-liquid diet (such as porridge, milk, noodle soup, etc.) and semi-sitting position are recommended after local anesthesia.

Medical HD ENT Endoscopy Camera