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Introduction Of Infrared Mammary Gland Examination System

Released on May. 13, 2019

Suitability of technical indicators

The spectral wavelength range that can be seen from human skin and the spectral wavelength range that Infrared Mammary Gland Examination System can be received by the CCD infrared camera system can clearly show that the effective spectral wavelength range is from 0.8μm to 1.5μm, which is the most ideal infrared spectrum. Band, the output optical power can not be lower than 0.2W, but not more than 1W. This product uses a cold light source, the general output power is about 0.6W, can not penetrate the breast gland tissue, the maximum temperature of the probe surface will not exceed 41 ° C, there will not be too much heat applied to the human body, to ensure safety. The system image resolution is ≥400TVL, which is enough to ensure the sharpness of the image. The probe output beam diameter is 8mm, the end surface is flat, it can be in close contact with the soft tissue of the breast, no light leakage, large transillumination area, and the output optical power is adjustable. It is conducive to the observation and diagnosis of patients with different ages and regions. The image processing function is suitable for image observation and case management.

Checked light requirements

This Medical Infrared Breast Examination System test uses a light source probe to scan the breast tissue and display it on the screen after image processing. Inspection should be carried out in a dark room. When the indoor light is too strong, the light on the surface of the breast will cancel part of the light passing through the breast, which will not effectively display the gray shadow, especially the light gray shadow, and the too strong light will interfere with the visual observation of the screen, but When the indoor light is too dark, it is not good for operation, so a small amount of light can enter the room for operation and other activities.

Infrared Mammary Gland Examination System