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Overview of HD Digital Electronic Colposcope

Released on May. 15, 2019

The HD Digital Electronic Colposcope is a diagnostic system integrating computer technology and electronic colposcopy. It utilizes high-resolution electronic imaging technology, high-quality light source and high-level amplification technology. The doctor only needs to use the diffuser outside the patient's vagina. You can clearly see the subtle lesions of the vagina and cervical tissues.

Function and characteristics


1) More intuitive and accurate diagnosis of gynecological diseases, applied to the screening and diagnosis of cervical, vaginal and vulvar diseases in women, without any trauma and side effects, can magnify the image of the lesion several times.

2) Highly clear images allow doctors to observe extremely small lesions on computer monitors, such as improving the accuracy of judging erosion, precancerous lesions, cancer and other diseases.

3) Image display, freeze, and collection functions of Digital Colposcope can help patients understand the condition of cervical lesions more intuitively.

HD Digital Electronic Colposcope