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Principle of HD Digital Electronic Colposcope

Released on May. 11, 2019

HD Digital Electronic Colposcope is the fourth generation of high-tech digital imaging system integrating modern digital electronic technology and computer technology. The image of the inspection site is clearly displayed on the computer monitor in real time by the computer, and the high-quality light source and the high-magnification clear image can identify very small lesions. The doctor can observe the lesion on a computer monitor, which is easy to operate and can be used for both diagnosis and treatment. At the same time, with the colposcope digital image processing and graphic report system, it can collect, freeze, analyze, process, store and print the observed images for integrated operation and management, providing better quality for doctors and patients. Service. The system is widely used not only for the diagnosis, teaching and research of female internal and external reproductive system diseases (vulvar, vagina, cervix, etc.). It can also be applied in the fields of sexual crimes, forensic identification of medical accidents, skin beauty and so on.

The electronic Colposcope digital imaging system is a high-tech diagnostic system for computer electromechanical and electronic colposcopy. It utilizes high-resolution electronic imaging technology, high-quality light source and high-level amplification technology. Doctors only need to use the patient's vagina. With the diffuser, you can clearly see the subtle lesions of the vagina and cervical tissue.

HD Digital Electronic Colposcope