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Important Performance of ENT Endoscope in Preventing Diseases

Released on Feb. 28, 2020

Otolaryngology is a common condition, and it is very painful when it develops. Otolaryngology is commonly used but very fragile, such as otitis media, otitis media is a common symptom. Many patients will cause purulent otitis media if they are not detected in time, which will cause serious illness to the patient Injury, and the inside of the ear is a place that is hard to see with the naked eye, the Medical HD ENT Endoscopy Camera becomes the key to treating the disease.

Medical HD ENT Endoscopy Camera

Medical HD ENT Endoscopy Camera

Otolaryngoscope technical advantages:

Otolaryngology endoscope treatment is faster, finer and more thorough. As a non-invasive and pain-free ultra-minimally invasive therapy, the endoscopic visual camera system can penetrate the hidden parts of the nasal cavity, making doctors know the lesions. And, it can quickly remove the diseased tissue completely, and the visual field is clear and clear at a glance during the whole process, which makes the surgery achieve a more detailed effect, and can complete the previously unreachable area, transforming the traditional destructive surgery to completely protect the healthy tissue of the nasal cavity and Structural functional surgery.

Ear, nose and throat Endoscope Camera minimally invasive surgery does not need to be performed from the face and nose. The entire operation is performed in the nasal cavity, with minimal trauma, no damage, no pain, and rapid postoperative recovery. It does not affect the normal work of the patient. And life, safety is better.

Otitis infection source:

Otitis media is infected in many ways. It is caused by a cold. Although it does not seem to have any relationship with the ears, the impact of severe colds is very large. It affects the whole body, lung disease, rhinitis, sore throat, and otitis media. A cold is triggered. For children, improper breastfeeding positions, children sucking milk, swimming or diving are more likely to cause otitis media.

Many people like to dig their ears. Itchy ears like to dig their ears with ear picks. The internal tissues of the ears are very fragile. To dig the ears, you should also seek professional services. Do not use too much force, otherwise it will cause otitis media, Bacteria multiply very quickly. Bacteria can enter the middle two through the ruptured tympanic membrane, which can cause infection. Dangerous otitis media can increase the perforation of the tympanic membrane. The secondary sclerosis is hardened, hearing loss, and repeated attacks can cause bone ulcer or Cholelipoma otitis media, stubborn erosion can also cause symptoms such as facial nerve spasm, meningitis, intracranial and extracranial complications. The body meridians are very complicated, especially the location of the brain, and the nerves in the entire head are more complicated. Small diseases may lead to more serious consequences if not cured. Do not underestimate these symptoms of ENT. The application of ENT endoscopes can Find potential causes in a timely manner and perform regular systemic examinations to ensure your health.

The above is the Endoscopic Camera System Manufacturer's introduction of the important performance of ENT endoscopes in preventing diseases.