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Disinfection of Medical Endoscopes before and after Use

Released on Mar. 06, 2020

Endoscope Camera is an important part of the endoscope, which has the function of recording images. Endoscope is an auxiliary tool for treating diseases, especially the performance of the equipment is getting better and better, using the equipment can quickly check the lesion and timely treatment.

The endoscope camera has the following characteristics:

With very rich digital and analog interfaces, there are almost no dead spots on the screen. The images are taken in all directions, and the colors are not true. The photosensitive system can maintain no matter what the environment changes, the screen brightness will remain unchanged when shooting for a long time, and the display color will be richer. More realistic, keeping the original color unchanged, and the camera also has a dust-proof and waterproof design, which is convenient for surface cleaning and machine operation.

Endoscope is a commonly used medical device. It is a convenient, effective and direct device for medical personnel to observe the diseased tissues inside the human body. It is widely used in ENT, abdomen, urinary, anorectal, extra-osseous, thoracic cardiovascular, extraneural, obstetrics And other fields, in addition to the Colposcope, according to the imaging structure and characteristics of the detailed division. The endoscope camera is more accurate.



The endoscope camera has the following basic requirements:

An image system capable of directing light to be projected onto a subject's light source and pipe, and then the subject collects, processes, or displays the collected images through a lens of reflected light. Medical endoscope cameras have been widely used in major hospitals nationwide. Medical endoscope systems are well known and have been given many aliases. Among them, the popularity of laparoscopy and hysteroscopy is quite high. The operation is completely different from before. Because it needs to be performed in a sealed cavity, the success of the operation is directly proportional to the quality of the equipment and the quality of the equipment. The equipment is also very important during use. The correct and skilled operation will directly affect the progress of the operation.

Medical endoscope equipment should be cleaned well. Part of the medical equipment is disposable. Before and after use, equipment must be disinfected to prevent cross-infection. How can professional equipment be disinfected better? The Endoscopic Camera System Manufacturer will tell you next.

The disinfectants used for medical device disinfection must comply with the provisions of the national disinfection management measures, and products not regulated by the state cannot be used. When using disinfectant to invade air bubbles, then the joint parts of the medical endoscope should be washed and dried first, so as to avoid bringing water and organic substances into the disinfectant and avoid affecting the disinfection effect. Medical endoscopes can also be sterilized or immersed under high pressure. The components of the endoscope need to be removed so that they can be fully sterilized to avoid infections caused by unsterilized parts.

With the continuous advancement of endoscope technology, almost any desired surgical operation can be completed through minimally invasive surgery. Improper use and management of endoscopes can easily cause damage, which requires endoscope cleaning and packaging. The personnel who work with disinfection must undergo systematic professional training, master the relevant knowledge of endoscope, and do the training before engaging in the corresponding work.