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How to Choose the Endoscope Camera Light Source?

Released on Feb. 21, 2020

Endoscope Camera is an important part of the endoscope, which has the function of recording images. Endoscope is an auxiliary tool for treating diseases. Especially the performance of the equipment is getting better and better. The equipment can quickly check the lesion and treat it in time.

The endoscope camera has the following characteristics:

With very rich digital and analog interfaces, there are almost no dead spots on the screen. The images are taken in all directions, and the colors are not true. The photosensitive system can maintain no matter what the environment changes, the screen brightness will remain unchanged when shooting for a long time, and the display color will be richer. More realistic, keeping the original color unchanged, and the camera also has a dust-proof and waterproof design, which is convenient for surface cleaning and machine operation.

Endoscope is a commonly used medical device. It is a convenient, effective and direct device for medical personnel to observe the diseased tissues inside the human body. It is widely used in ENT, abdomen, urinary, anorectal, extra-osseous, thoracic cardiovascular, extraneural, obstetrics and gynecology. Science and other fields, the most commonly used is Endoscopy Camera For ENT, according to the imaging structure and characteristics are also divided in detail. The endoscope camera is more accurate.

Endoscopy Camera For ENT

Endoscopy Camera For ENT

The endoscope camera led cold light source has the characteristics of fixed point, orientation, high brightness, high purity spectrum, cold light, adjustable color temperature, long life and so on. It has developed rapidly in the fields of intelligent lighting, plant lighting, and scene lighting. So how to choose the light source of the endoscope camera?

Medical lighting is divided according to different light sources. Traditional lighting fixtures have halogen and tungsten halogen lamps as the light source, while the medical lighting source is led. Traditional lighting has more disadvantages, which is why modern instruments involve lighting problems. Need led, endoscope camera is like this, the endoscope camera led cold light source from a professional point of view: two-color and three-color color temperature can improve the physician's ability to discern, blue light can make people more awake, no need to add drugs or coffee The efficiency can be improved due to the assistance. Using the LED light source instead of the traditional cold light source can eliminate the cold light source and the optical fiber that transmits the light. It can directly use a small LED light source and load the front end of the lens. The endoscope camera LED cold light source can be comprehensive. It replaces the current medical endoscope and high-power halogen cold light source for industrial microscopes. At the same time, it has no radiation and does not contain harmful substances, which is healthy for the human body.

The above is the selection method of the endoscope camera light source introduced by Medical Endoscopy Cart Supplier. Hope to help you.