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How to adjust the definition of the Endoscope Camera?

Released on Jan. 08, 2021

The Endoscope Camera is an indispensable device in minimally invasive surgery. One is used for image guidance, which transmits images that reflect the endoscopic conditions of the organs. Through the monitor, it is convenient for the doctor to observe the clear and detailed intracavitary tissue, which is safe for the doctor. , Provides protection for fine operation; in addition, it is used to guide light, and guide the light from a strong external light source into the organ to illuminate the inspection site; before the operation, the equipment needs to be checked in advance and adjusted to the best state, then how to adjust the Endoscope Camera clearly Degree?Today, the Medical Endoscope Camera supplier will share with you.

How to adjust the definition of the Endoscope Camera?

First of all, we understand the commonly used menu options of Endoscope Camera, generally including exposure, color, backlight compensation, noise reduction, image, etc., where exposure includes: brightness, gain, etc., you can adjust the brightness and gain value, and adjust the gain to enhance the image Signal; color includes: white balance and color density, white balance is generally fixed, otherwise the color distortion may be very serious, you can adjust the color density value; the values that need to be adjusted for backlight compensation are: level, horizontal start, vertical start, horizontal height , Vertical height, etc.; noise reduction is generally low; images include: sharpness, video range, gamma, Digital magnification, ACE, shadow equalization, etc., you need to adjust the appropriate value; after this setting, the definition of the endoscope camera will be improved, if you don’t know how to adjust, you need to consult the manufacturer, each manufacturer’s machine Have your own set value, don’t jump randomly, to prevent more problems.

If the image is still blurred after adjusting the value, it may be that the focal length of the bayonet has not been adjusted to the optimal distance, adjust the focal length of the bayonet; or the front of the mirror or the bayonet is dirty, clean it with clean gauze;

If the image has a color cast, the white balance setting is not correct first, and the white balance is performed again. When dialogue on clean gauze, there should be no iodophor or other colors on the front of the mirror. The image window must display all white to ensure the correct color after dialogue. Time 2-3 seconds. When the color of the scene cannot be restored after the white balance and excluding the influence of other supporting equipment, it may be caused by the defect of signal transmission of wire aging, or the aging and deterioration of the camera circuit components, or the aging of the camera CCD. Only need to replace the corresponding accessories.

Monitor is also indispensable equipment in surgery, mainly to help medical staff observe clear and detailed intracavitary tissues. Generally, monitors also need to adjust some values, such as gamma, backlight, brightness, hue, saturation, sharpness, For values such as contrast, manufacturers generally have documents telling them what the values need to be adjusted.

After a series of adjustments and inspections, surgery can be performed.

The above is an introduction to how to adjust the definition of the Endoscope Camera.Hope to help you.

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