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What is the principle of medical cold light source?

Released on Jan. 12, 2021

Cold light source has been widely used in many fields such as medicine and industry because of its characteristics of producing cold light, light color close to daylight, good illumination, and complete functions. Endoscope cold light source is one of the indispensable equipment in endoscopic surgery. What is the principle of medical cold light source? Why use endoscope cold light source? The editor of Yikeda will come to understand with everyone.

What is the principle of medical cold light source?

The light emitted by the light source is coupled to the optical fiber, and the optical fiber is used as the optical transmission medium to transmit the light energy to the lighting object or other lighting system. The core of the lighting system is the lighting source.

The role of endoscope cold light source:

The basic function of the cold light source of the endoscope is to produce cold light, and various endoscopes using fiber-guided light beams can be provided as the light source part to provide brightness illumination for the observation and inspection of the inner cavity. According to various needs, add corresponding structures to achieve other functions, such as adding air pumps to many medical cold light sources to generate gas, and transmit the gas to the human body through the inner pipe of the endoscope. The human body needs to be checked. Inflate and pressurize the part to achieve the purpose of opening. At the same time, the air pressure is used to squeeze water to the mirror body to flush the mirror surface and the lesion site for observation, diagnosis and treatment. And according to the gas volume adjustment device. In some cases, in order to eliminate the loosening of images due to actions during observation, diagnosis and treatment, the cold light source also adds a high-speed flash.

Cold light sources are mostly used in medicine in some special situations, such as minimally invasive endoscopic surgery, ENT endoscopy, etc. The reason why cold light sources are used is that medicine itself is relatively special, especially in surgery During the process, if a hot light source is used, it may cause the lamp to become hot, affecting the stability of the lamp itself, and thus affect the normal operation. In severe cases, it may cause errors in the operation. The main purpose of using cold light is to ensure the patient’s health. Be healthy and minimize the harm caused by foreign objects to the patient.

At present, endoscope cold light sources are roughly divided into ordinary halogen light sources, xenon light sources, and LED cold light sources according to the type of light source. At present, the most commonly used are xenon lamps and LED lamps. The color of these two light sources is close to daylight, making the eyes feel vivid. , But the xenon lamp has a short life span and is often replaced. The endoscope LED cold light source has a huge cost performance, high quality, low power consumption, and long life. It has gradually replaced other light sources.