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What are the functions of electronic colposcopy?

Released on Jan. 07, 2021

Electronic colposcopy is a commonly used gynecological examination method. Electronic colposcopy has been widely used in routine examinations of vaginal, cervical diseases, and genital lesions. It is known as the golden eye of doctors, and is therefore popular among patients and doctors. , Then what are the functions of the electronic colposcopy? What diseases is suitable for electronic colposcopy? Get to know it together.

What are the functions of electronic colposcopy?

1. The electronic colposcope can directly control image zooming, zooming out, freezing, focusing (far focus, near focus), white balance, and electronic filter functions through the lens button and remote control handle design. The LED light source can freely switch white light through the cycle mode , Green light, white and green light, and the brightness can be adjusted, the doctor's operation is more convenient;

2. The green filter can be used to observe the morphology and contraction of cervical capillaries, and the clarity of the original image can be maintained, with layers and no distortion. After the image is enlarged, small punctate blood vessels and morphological distribution can be observed;

3. The electronic colposcopy supports real-time display, acquisition, freezing, storage and printing of the observed image.

4. RCI score, SWEDE score, statistical analysis and result output function of patient data.

5. Comparative analysis, annotation, measurement of patient pictures (length, circumference, area measurement of lesions can be performed), image processing, and expert guide function.

6. Image acquisition, support inspection results or operation video function.

7. The patient data management software managed by the database can conveniently carry out statistical analysis of the colposcopy examination results according to the content of the examination items, according to the patient data and pathological results; a sample of the statistical analysis results that proves its function shall be provided.

8. Graphical report printing of various examination results and LEEP operation record graphic report printing, providing graphic report printing samples.

What diseases is suitable for electronic colposcopy?

Electronic colposcopy is suitable for the examination and diagnosis of vaginitis, cervicitis, cervical erosion, polyps, tumors and other gynecological diseases. It is of high value for the early detection and early diagnosis of cervical cancer and precancerous lesions.

The electronic colposcopy can magnify the cervix and vaginal mucosa by 5-40 times, observe the surface of the cervix, the pathological changes in the vagina that are not visible to the naked eye, such as the changes of capillaries that reflect the changes in tumor growth, etc. It is useful for cervical cancer and precancerous changes. Early detection and early diagnosis of lesions have certain value.

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