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The application of digital electronic colposcopy can reduce the occurrence of cervical cancer

Released on Jul. 16, 2021

The incidence and mortality of cervical cancer rank second in female tumors, second only to breast cancer. Cervical cancer has a longer course. Therefore, early detection and treatment of cervical precancerous lesions is the key. The use of digital electronic colposcopy for women’s health examinations and cervical cancer examinations has improved the accuracy of diagnosis.

The value of digital electronic colposcope in gynecological examination

Digital electronic colposcopy is to magnify the lesion to be observed by 10-40 times, and observe the vascular and epithelial changes in the lesion and the suspicious lesion area, especially the small lesions on the surface of the cervix that are invisible to the naked eye, and perform a biopsy to improve The accuracy of diagnosis. In the traditional general survey of gynecological diseases, cervical smear cytology is an indispensable method in the current standardized screening for cervical cancer. However, the diagnosis rate of smears is related to the selection of materials and smears from the cervical smear. Preparation, fixation, staining, and reading technology are all closely related. According to the data, it is not enough to screen cervical lesions by cytology alone. Digital electronic colposcopy as a screening tool can significantly reduce the false negatives of cytology. Both are equally important in early diagnosis.

Digital electronic colposcopy is easy to accept for the examinee.

Due to the anatomical relationship between the vagina and the cervix, some lesions have no obvious clinical symptoms and are not easy to be found. Subjects often passively accept the doctor’s diagnosis during the examination. They think that there is no need to undergo the examination, and they do not pay attention to the results of the examination. Active treatment. There are even patients who do not believe the test results and do not receive treatment. The digital electronic colposcopy is convenient, painless and no cross-infection. The graphic display is more intuitive, especially the minor lesions are clearly visible, so that the examinee can understand their own condition at a glance, and at the same time, through the intuitive image comparison, they can understand their vagina and cervix. Circumstances, not only convinced of the diagnosis, but also able to accept the idea of disease-free prevention, and early active cooperation with the treatment of the disease.

The clinical application of digital electronic colposcopy can improve the accuracy of the early diagnosis rate of cervical cancer, and can identify other diseases of the vagina and cervix, so that the diseases can be diagnosed and treated early, and can greatly reduce the occurrence of cervical cancer.