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The difference between digital video colposcope and optical colposcope

Released on Jul. 15, 2021

Colposcope is an indispensable examination item in gynecology. With the continuous development of medical technology, colposcope equipment is constantly updated. The more common colposcope: digital video colposcope, optical colposcope, then digital video colposcope and optical colposcope What is the difference between mirrors?

The difference between digital video colposcope and optical colposcope:

1. Working principle:

Digital video colposcope combines modern digital imaging technology with computer image processing technology, and has the characteristics of clear image, convenient use and accurate inspection. Breaking through the limitations of traditional optical colposcopy, it can magnify the cervicovaginal mucosa by 10 to 500 times, thereby observing the different manifestations of the cervical surface epithelium and subcutaneous stromal blood vessels that are difficult to see with the naked eye, so as to estimate cervical epithelial lesions and guide Biopsy site and assess the prognosis of cervical disease treatment.

The unique digital imaging technology of the digital video colposcopy system introduces a new concept for clinical diagnosis. The specific lesion can be directly displayed on the monitor in the form of an enlarged image, and it is equipped with a standard atlas reference system, so that the correct diagnosis of the disease can be made and the best treatment plan can be selected.

Optical colposcopy is a new generation of advanced equipment designed for cervical diseases and clinical diagnosis, which integrates the advantages of microscope optical system and electronic colposcopy imaging system. Adopting an excellent three-dimensional microscopy optical system, it brings clinicians high-definition and perfect stereo vision with super long depth of field and super large field of view. And it is widely used in gynecological examination and treatment, and observation of cell tissue changes in the early stage of cervical pathology, helping clinicians to more accurately mirror clinical evaluations of border areas that cannot be observed with the naked eye.

2. The appearance is different:

Digital video colposcope is composed of colposcope camera, optical system, display, host and printer;

The optical colposcope is composed of a host, a vaginal microscope, a light source system, and a camera.

However, both can perform operations such as collection, display, freezing, storage, and deletion of images during the entire inspection process, and have functions such as large-capacity image storage and database management. In the choice, you need to consider your own factors to choose which machine to buy.

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