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The Work Steps Of Breast Examination

Released on Aug. 26, 2019

Here is a professional Breast Inspection Equipment Factory talking about the work steps of breast examination.

The specific steps for breast examination are as follows:

Breast Inspection Equipment

Breast Inspection Equipment

1. The correct breast examination when touching the palms should be flat and four fingers together, with the most sensitive index finger, middle finger, ring finger end fingertips in order to gently lick the outer upper and lower parts of the breast, the inner and lower, the inner upper area is the middle of the breast Nipple and areola area. Do not grasp the breast tissue with your fingers during the examination, otherwise the grasped breast tissue will be mistaken for a lump.

2. From the sitting position, any nipple inversion skin depression structure shape is a clue to deep breast cancer. If the patient clapped his hands on his head to contract the chest muscles, the above signs will appear. When the woman is in a sitting position, it is easy to check the upper and lower clavicle lymph nodes. Finally, you need to sit and palpate, and touch the area under the nipple with your fingers.

3. Take the supine position, for a wider area of palpation. A pillow is placed under the breast on the same side, and the hand on the same side is lifted over the head so that the breast is evenly spread on the chest wall, so that the finger can easily reach the deep part. The palpation of the middle finger of the middle finger of the index finger is used instead of the fingertip for palpation. The way of palpation should be rotated from the nipple to the lateral direction. It is especially important to check the breast that extends to the armpit.

4. Breast examination should first observe the development of the breast. Whether the breasts on both sides are symmetrical, whether the nipples on both sides are similar, whether it is on the same level, whether the nipple has a retraction depression; whether the nipple areola is erosive, how the color of the breast skin is, whether there is edema and orange peel-like changes, whether there is redness or inflammation Sexuality, showing whether the superficial veins in the breast area are angry.

It is recognized that mammography and b-ultrasound are the most commonly used and most effective methods for breast cancer examination in clinical practice.

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