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AKX-9630 CO2 Insufflator

flow range:10-30L/min, step size 10

pressure range:5-25mmHg, step size 1, error ≤ ± 2

Overvoltage alarm:When the intra-abdominal pressure exceeds the preset pressure by 3mmHg and lasts for more than 2s, an overpressure alarm will be issued

Overpressure release:With over-pressure release function, the release time is not more than 5 seconds

Undervoltage supplement:The underpressure replenishment time of the insufflation machine does not exceed 5 seconds

gas filtration:The filtration rate of 0.5um and above particles in the gas is not less than 90%

Host size:38cm(L)x31.3cm(W)x12cm(H)

The length of the high pressure connecting pipe in the external air source connection assembly:(2900±50) mm

The length of the inflation tube in the inflation tube assembly:(2500±20) mm

Product Details

AKX-9630 CO2 Insufflation

AKX-9630 CO2 Insufflator

AKX-9630 CO2 Insufflator

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