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What should I do if the endoscope image is blurred?

Released on Nov. 03, 2022

In the process of endoscopic minimally invasive surgery, the more common problem is that the image is blurred and the image blurred seriously affects the surgery. So what should I do if the endoscope image is blurred? The following IKEDA endoscope editor organizes four common solutions for everyone.

1: Firstly, determine whether the focal length of the camera is adjusted to the clearest state;

2: Confirm whether there is a problem with the camera. When the camera is not connected to the lens you can adjust it to the clearest state against the place with text to see if the image is clear;

3. Confirm whether there is a problem with the optics that causes the image to be blurred. You can observe the optics lens with the eye to see if there are stains and other dirty things. You can use iodophor and absorbent cotton to wipe it off;

4. In addition to the above reasons, there is still ambiguity during the operation. There are the following reasons: (1) Check whether the pressure of the insufflator is sufficient (2) Check the water pressure (3) If smoke appears during the process of electrocoagulation The problem may also cause the image to be blurred, and the smoke should be removed from the body in time.

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