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Operation method of endoscope white balance

Released on Nov. 09, 2022

Hello everyone, today I would like to introduce the operation method of endoscopic white balance.

First turn off the shadowless lamp,Take a piece of white gauze, the end of the lens is facing the white gauze, and the distance is about one centimeter. At this time, the top of the screen is filled with white gauze, then press the down button of the camera head and hold for 3 seconds, and AWB OK appears at the bottom of the screen, indicating that the white balance has been completed.

Attention: The IKEDA endoscopic camera series has a white balance memory function, there is no need to perform white balance operations multiple times if no change endoscopes ; To do white balance under a shadowless lamp, please turn off the shadowless lamp first, and then perform the white balance operation to avoid the influence of shadowless lights.

Operation method of endoscope white balance