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What is the electronic colposcopy?

Released on May. 19, 2021

Electronic colposcopy is an important method and means for cervical cancer screening. It can magnify the cervix and vaginal mucosa by about several tens of times, and can observe the surface of the cervix, and can see lesions that are invisible to the naked eye. This technology is very important for the early detection and diagnosis of cervical changes and precancerous lesions, so it is generally accepted by major hospitals. So what is the electronic colposcopy?

Electronic colposcopy is mainly used for the diagnosis of cervical lesions, and is of great value for early cervical cancer and reproductive lesions; it can also be used to diagnose cervical erosion, cancer and male and female diseases.

Electronic colposcopy

Clinically, electronic colposcopy is mainly used to observe the local lesions of the cervix and vagina, such as whether the cervix is smooth, bleeding, lumps, erosions, cysts, etc., and whether there is bleeding in the vagina, lumps, and whether the vaginal wall is normal. . The colposcopy uses a three-step method: First, perform cervical TCT and HPV examinations on the patient to see if the results are abnormal. If there are abnormalities, further colposcopy is needed. If the colposcopy finds abnormal areas, a tissue biopsy is also needed. Clarify the specific types of lesions, so as to serve as the basis for treatment.

The significance of electronic colposcopy:

1. The electronic colposcopy can magnify the cervix and vaginal mucosa by 5-40 times, observe the surface of the cervix, the pathological changes in the vagina that are not visible to the naked eye, such as the changes of capillaries that reflect the changes in tumor growth, etc., it is useful for cervical cancer Early detection and early diagnosis of precancerous lesions have certain value.

2. If cytological methods are combined with colposcopy and microscopic biopsy, as well as cervical canal scraping if necessary, the accuracy of diagnosis of precancerous lesions and early invasive cancer can be improved by 92%, and early treatment Can significantly improve the survival rate of patients. Therefore, colposcopy is an important method for early diagnosis and early treatment of lower genital tract cancer. 3. In addition, electronic colposcopy can also be used clinically for ablation and resection of vegetation.

Electronic colposcopy can help detect precancerous lesions and cancerous changes as early as possible in the clinic, and early detection can lead to early treatment.