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What Is An Endoscope?

Released on Oct. 23, 2019

The endoscope is a tube equipped with a light that can enter the body through the natural orifice of the body or through a small incision made by surgery. It is a testing instrument that integrates traditional optics, ergonomics, precision machinery, modern electronics, mathematics, and software. One has an image sensor, an optical lens, a light source illumination, a mechanical device, etc., which can enter the stomach through the oral cavity or enter the body through other natural channels. The endoscope can be used to see lesions that X-rays cannot display, so it is very useful for doctors. For example, doctors can use an Endoscope Camera to observe ulcers or tumors in the stomach and develop an optimal treatment plan accordingly.

So what kinds of endoscopes are there? The most common is to classify according to the location of the endoscope: ENT, endoscopic, dental endoscopy, neuroscope, urethroscopic cystoscopy, resectoscope, laparoscopy, arthroscopy , sinus mirror, laryngoscope, etc., such as the Endoscopy Camera For ENT which are commonly found in hospitals.

Endoscopy Camera For ENT

Endoscopy Camera For ENT

Endoscopy is a technique that can be inspected and treated intuitively by a speculum that can be sent into the body's lumen. Divided into non-invasive and traumatic. The former refers to the direct insertion of the endoscope to check the lumens (such as the digestive tract, respiratory tract, urinary tract, etc.) that communicate with the outside world; the latter is sent into the endoscope through the incision to check the closed body cavity (such as the chest cavity, Abdominal cavity, joint cavity, etc.).

The electronic camera uses microelectronic technology to capture and develop images. Its shape is the same as that of a fiber-optic light guide endoscope. By connecting the endoscope's eyepieces to the micro-camera connector, the image can be displayed on a TV screen for viewing, similar to an electronic endoscope.

So what is the endoscopic minimally invasive technique that is often heard? Medical Endoscopy Cart Supplier will come to tell you.

Since the endoscopic technology has been widely used in cosmetic surgery, plastic surgeons have become more and more powerful, and plastic surgery technology has reached an unprecedented height. Endoscopic technology involved in plastic surgery began in the mid-1990s, and after its many advantages appeared, it swept the whole of Europe and America. In recent years, a few hospitals in China have also started some endoscopically guided operations. Its rapid development is entirely due to its obvious advantages, that is, with the assistance of endoscopes and special surgical instruments, traditional needs Surgery with a large incision can be done with a small wound. Not only reduces the trauma of the operation, but also increases the accuracy and safety of the operation, so that the patient's acceptance of the surgery is greatly improved. An endoscope is an optical instrument consisting of a cold light source lens, a fiber optic wire, an image transmission system, a screen display system, etc., which can expand the surgical field of view. The outstanding features of the endoscope are that the surgical incision is small, the incision scar is not obvious, the postoperative reaction is light, the bleeding, bruising and swelling time can be greatly reduced, and the recovery is also faster than the traditional operation, which is in line with the requirements of beauty surgery without leaving marks.

There is a kind of endoscope wrinkle called endoscope technology. The application of the endoscope in wrinkle removal, that is, endoscope wrinkle removal. Endoscopic wrinkle removal is a precise minimally invasive wrinkle removal technique. Through the small incision in the hairline, the endoscope is introduced, and under the direct vision of the endoscope, the precise separation of the deep surface and the cutting or excision of the muscle are performed with a special tool. Then push the skin and scalp up and back, and tighten the excess part of the forehead, that is, piled up on the top and the occiput. Long-term removal of aging signature wrinkles under the premise of maintaining normal facial expression, achieving a youthful and seamless effect.

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