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Medical Trolley Features

Released on Oct. 30, 2019

When it comes to trolleys, we are familiar with them. We use them frequently in daily life. For example, when going to a supermarket or a shopping mall, when there are too many things to take, the use of the provided trolley can reduce the burden, and it is very convenient. However, for most people mentioned medical carts, although encountered, but somewhat strange. Because it is not used by the public, it is only suitable for hospital caregivers and cleaning staff.

The so-called Medical Trolley, that is, the ward protection transfer medical equipment, is suitable for large hospitals, health clinics, pharmacies, mental hospitals and rotating carts for daily use. To a large extent, the caregiver's operational burden can be alleviated. From the classification of products, medical carts are luxurious, medium and ordinary. From the material of the product, the medical cart has ABS, stainless steel, and spray. From the types of products, medical carts include rescue vehicles, ambulances, treatment vehicles, medical records vehicles, instrument vehicles, instrument vehicles, drug delivery vehicles, anesthesia vehicles, dirt vehicles, infusion vehicles, drug carts, and lower vehicles. There are dozens of kinds of vehicles, such as delivery cars and patient transport vehicles. So what are the characteristics of medical carts? Let's take a look at the Adjustable Height Medical Trolley Manufacturer to find out what features are available in medical carts!

Multifunction Medical Trolley

Multifunction Medical Trolley 

Structural features:

(1) Light and fast: use lighter, push the lighter block, greatly reduce the work intensity and improve efficiency.

(2) Durable: The casters are made of high quality natural rubber and have a long service life.

(3) No trace: high abrasion resistance, no damage to any ground.

(4) Aesthetics: the materials are novel, reducing the weight of the whole vehicle; the folding armrest can save space.

(5) Environmental protection: It adopts environmentally friendly powder coating technology and high quality natural rubber.

(6) Removable: Single-layer, double-layer and three-layer silent carts are separately opened and loaded into the paper box for convenient long-distance transportation, and the screws are equipped for installation.

(7) Car board: Test the force of the center position of the plastic car board plus the rated load of 4 times, the car board can not be broken, the board plate bending is less than 7mm, and it returns to normal in 15 minutes.

(8) Handrail: The force of 6 times of the starting force is added to the handrail for 1 minute. After the lifting, the handrail can not be deformed or loosened.

(9) Casters: The weight of the rated load is 3 times to pressurize the casters. After 3 minutes, the test gravity is released, the caster brackets are not deformed, and the rotating shaft and the guide shaft must be operated without pressure.

Although there are many types of medical carts in clinical medicine, the functions are not the same, but they are mainly used for the transportation equipment of medical personnel in various departments. Each type of medical cart is designed to facilitate nurses and improve work efficiency. More convenient, playing an important role in the medical industry. It is believed that with the advancement and development of medical technology, we will be able to see medical carts with more forms and functions in the future.

The above is about the characteristics of medical carts. I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of medical carts. In addition, if you have a demand for medical trolleys, you can contact us. As a professional Multifunction Medical Trolley Supplier, we can provide you with a variety of medical carts. There are also a variety of endoscopes for different scenes, which will surely meet your needs, welcome you.