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What is an endoscope camera used for?

Released on Apr. 19, 2021

What is an endoscopic camera? 

The endoscopic camera uses a high-resolution color camera, and uses SONY’s latest photosensitive chip to achieve unprecedented high resolution and provide true restoration of image colors, making it easier to observe the patient’s subtle lesions. Its high-quality light source and low-loss The digitally enlarged image can identify extremely small image details, and the operation is very simple, and it can be used in the two processes of diagnosis and surgical treatment. The endoscopic camera is mainly used for clinical endoscopy or surgery in hospitals, displaying the examination and video imaging of the operation area.

endoscope camera

What is an endoscope camera used for?

1. Light guide, lead the light from a strong external light source into the organ to illuminate the examination site;

2. Image guide, which transmits images that reflect the endoscopic conditions of the organs, and through the monitor, it is convenient for the doctor to observe the clear and detailed intracavitary tissues, and to provide protection for the doctor's safe operation and fine operation.

Endoscope is currently the most used medical device in clinical medicine. There are many different types of products, such as laparoscope, laryngoscope, bronchoscope, hysteroscope, gastroscope, colonoscope, cystoscope, etc. It consists of a flexible part, light source, lens and image processing equipment. It enters the human body through the natural orifice of the human body, or through a small incision made by surgery, and can directly observe the changes in the relevant part, so that the disease can be hidden. The YKD-9000 series of high-definition endoscopic camera systems independently developed and produced by IKEDA are suitable for the acquisition, transmission, image processing and video recording of medical endoscopic images, and can meet most medical surgical needs.