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Industrial Endoscope Series: Video Electronic Endoscope

Released on Sep. 28, 2021

Industrial endoscopes are divided into three series of products, the first category: rigid endoscope series; the second category: fiber endoscope series; the third category: video electronic endoscope series products. Today we come to understand the video electronic endoscope.

Video electronic endoscope is a new type of non-destructive testing instrument for internal quality inspection, detection and analysis of the cavity integrating light, machine and electricity. The use of advanced high-resolution digital color CCD photoelectric coupling devices ensures the clear and vivid images of the video endoscope; the high-brightness LED lighting source avoids the attenuation of long-distance transmission brightness and ensures that sufficient light source is provided for the video endoscope ; Industrial-grade LCD monitors can realize real-time monitoring of the equipment to be inspected, with high-definition pictures and wide observation angles, which improve the inspection quality and reduce the work intensity of the operator; at the same time, it has a built-in storage module and SD card storage, which can Check the image to perform image taking, video recording, picture viewing, and deletion operations, effectively realizing the work of saving and recording images.

The working principle of video electronic endoscope:

The video electronic endoscope is transmitted to the CCD rake surface through the objective lens imaging, and then the CCD converts the light image into an electronic signal, and transmits the data to the video endoscope control group, and then the control group outputs the image to the monitor or Principles on the computer.

Video electronic endoscope not only possesses the technical performance of rigid speculum and fiber speculum, but also adds computer application technology to allow multiple people to watch clear images at the same time, and has functions such as image measurement processing. The electronic industrial endoscope selects 280,000 to 430,000 CCD image elements, with high definition, long effective working length, and the main body can be bent and not easily broken.

The purpose and scope of application of video electronic endoscope

Video endoscopes are mainly used for toxic, harmful and small spaces that cannot be reached by conventional inspectors. It can conveniently and effectively deal with internal corrosion, cracks, welding conditions, complicated pipeline foreign bodies, internal processing conditions of cast workpieces, and parts. Carry out detailed inspections for work wear and other conditions. At the same time, it has also been widely used in the inspection of special equipment such as machinery manufacturing, petrochemical industry, aerospace, power and power construction, railway and shipbuilding, automobile industry, engineering construction, boiler pressure vessels, military reconnaissance and other special equipment inspection fields.

Electric power industry: regularly check whether there are scars and stress rot cracks on the surface of the gas turbine and generator column cores. Check the welding quality of the inner surface of the welds of the main steam pipes, deaerators, headers and other pressure products to see if there are serious welding defects. During the overhaul, check whether there are micro cracks in the steam turbine blades, guard rings and stress concentration parts.

Special inspection industry: used to inspect the welding quality of the inner surface of the welding joints of process pipes, pressure vessels, reactors, heat exchangers, etc., stress corrosion cracks and chemical corrosion of inner walls.

Aviation chemical industry: It is more accurate and more efficient than traditional hand-touch inspection for checking the turbine engine blades and guard ring for damage.

Ships: used to inspect boilers, gas turbines, diesel engine pipelines, etc.

Industrial Endoscope Series: Video Electronic Endoscope