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Troubles and measures of endoscope

Released on Jul. 01, 2021

An endoscope is a tube equipped with lights. The endoscope can enter the human body through a natural orifice of the human body or through a small incision made by surgery. Endoscopes are classified according to their working principles: optical cylindrical mirrors, microscopes, electronic microscopes; according to functions: laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, arthroscopy, gastrointestinal endoscopy, cystoscopy, etc.; according to morphology: rigid scope, soft scope .

Troubles and measures of endoscope

Fault 1: There are dust particles or fog in the image, and the image is blurred.

Reason: Poor sealing of the mirror.

Measures: It is recommended not to frequently change the disinfection and sterilization methods; it must be cooled naturally after high temperature and high pressure sterilization; the disinfection time with glutaraldehyde should not exceed 10 hours; it cannot be cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaning machine.

Fault 2: The imaging is not clear, or the part is not imaging, or the part of the image is bright, etc.

Reason: The internal cylindrical lens body is broken.

Measures: It is recommended to store it separately to avoid collision with other equipment; it must be handled with care; it cannot be cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaning machine.

Fault 3: The objective lens at the front end of the mirror is damaged or the sealing is broken, and the image is not clear.

Reason: Injured by electric knife, power, radio frequency and other auxiliary treatment equipment.

Measures: When using auxiliary equipment, ensure safe operation within the field of view.

Fault 4: The mirror has poor light guiding performance, and the image display is dark (the light source and optical fiber are normal).

Reason: The optical fiber in the light guide connector of the mirror is contaminated.

Measures: During clear maintenance, the light guide connector needs to be removed and cleaned; pay attention to the brightness adjustment of the light source.

Fault 5: The lens body is deformed and cannot be imaged normally.

Reason: bend vigorously or fall in the air.

Measures: The mirror itself needs to be protected when adjusting the angle of view during the operation. When connecting the mirror and the sheath, the position must be aligned and fixed with a lock, so that it is not easy to be too strong.

The above briefly introduces the common faults and measures of the mirror. It is strictly forbidden to bend or bump the mirror vigorously during the operation. It must be handled with care, and proper disinfection and cleaning are required to better extend the service life of the mirror.