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Cleaning and disinfection of endoscope camera

Released on Jul. 05, 2021

The endoscope camera includes the endoscope camera host, camera, optical interface, etc. In order to ensure the normal use of the endoscope camera and prolong the service life, the medical staff needs to clean and disinfect the endoscope camera normally. IKEDA introduces the cleaning and disinfection of endoscope camera.

Cleaning of Endoscope Camera

1. The camera host of the endoscope cannot be cleaned or disinfected;

2. Cleaning of the camera

(1) Before rinsing the camera, be sure to tighten the waterproof cap. If the waterproof cap is not tightened correctly, the connector pins will be corroded;

(2) Rinse the camera and cable in lukewarm tap water. Use a mild enzymatic cleaner and a soft brush to remove all hard-to-remove debris and biological residues on the surface;

(3) Rinse off all soap residues with water;

(4) Clean the glass surface with alcohol;

(5) Thoroughly dry the camera and cables with a soft towel or surgical gauze;

(6) Coil the camera cable into a circle, prepare to sterilize the camera and cable, to avoid kinking or entanglement of the cable;

Disinfection of Endoscope Camera

(1) Use a sterile sterilization cover

(2) 100% cycloethane gas

(3) Low temperature plasma

(4) High temperature disinfection camera

Note: It is forbidden to mix and use various disinfection methods.

The above briefly introduces the cleaning and disinfection of the endoscope camera, welcome to consult IKEDA!

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