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The difference between rigid ureteroscope and flexible ureteroscope

Released on Jul. 21, 2021

Ureteroscopy is suitable for ureteral calculi with large volume and high hardness, incarcerated calculi, patients with special body types (obesity, etc.), ureteral stone street, ureteral tortuosity with calculi, ureteral calculi with poor effect of extracorporeal lithotripsy, and ureteral calculi with accompanying calculi Pain or hematuria, etc. At present, ureteroscopy is divided into rigid ureteroscope and flexible ureteroscope.

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The difference between rigid ureteroscope and flexible ureteroscope:

Advantages of rigid ureteroscope:

1. Good optical quality, clear image, improve work efficiency;

2. Larger perfusion channel, good perfusion effect;

3. It can pass thicker, harder and more powerful treatment accessories;

Limitations of rigid ureteroscopy:

1. The diameter of the tube is thick and not bendable, which will damage the tissues around the urethra;

2. Especially for male patients, there are two physical bends and external urethral sphincter muscles during insertion, which is very painful.

3. For urethral stricture, the inability to take the lithotomy position or children, the application is limited and the kiln is prone to hematuria, bladder, urethral injury and other complications;

Advantages of flexible ureteroscope:

1. The curved part is designed to reach each kidney calyx without the need for a second puncture site;

2. Smaller outer diameter, can be used as mini percutaneous nephroscope;

3. Avoid multiple channel expansions, and cause less damage to the assembly around the urethra;

Limitations of flexible ureteroscopy:

1. Because the tube is soft and it sways in the body, it is a little difficult for beginners to use the flexible ureteroscope to locate in the bladder cavity;

2. It is more troublesome to perform retrograde ureteral intubation or its official bladder cavity operation;

3. It is difficult to clean the soft lens, especially when hematuria is obvious, blood clots can easily block the lumen and increase the difficulty of cleaning;

The above introduces the difference between rigid ureteroscope and flexible ureteroscope. For details, please contact YIKEDA!