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Common Failures And Causes Of Digital Video Colposcope

Released on Jul. 22, 2021

Digital Video Colposcope is used in gynecological examinations, such as: examination of cervicitis; examination of cervical erosion, examination of cervical cancer, biopsy of the cervix, general investigation and diagnosis of vaginal and vulvar diseases, etc. It combines modern digital imaging technology with computer image processing technology, and has the characteristics of clear image, easy to use, and accurate inspection. However, the frequent use, movement, and improper operation of the instrument will always cause some failures.

Common failures and causes of digital video colposcope:

1. Open the program, no image is displayed, it may be:

(1) The capture card is loose or the driver is not installed properly;

(2) The video cable is not connected well or damaged;

(3) The power of the camera is not turned on or the cover of the camera is not opened;

(4) The video source in the program is not selected or has been blocked.

2. Blue screen:

(1) The source of the video screen is wrong;

(2) The line contact is not good, loose, or broken;

(3) The switch of the mirror is not turned on

3. Cold light source is not bright:

(1) First check whether the power supply is normal, check the fuse, and check the porcelain socket;

(2) Replace the bulb or change the cold source;

4. The mirror cannot be zoomed in or out:

(1) The line is in poor contact with the host;

(2) The COM port is not set;

(3) Simultaneously press the zoom in and zoom out buttons behind the mirror;

5. The lens zoom in and zoom out function cannot be controlled

Reason: The circuit board in the control panel of the colposcope is broken

6. The software's zoom-in and zoom-out functions cannot be controlled

Reason: COM port setting is wrong

7. Workstation zooming and ghosting

Reason: The refresh rate is set to the default or highest

8. Display does not support IF system

(1) The capture card is broken;

(2) The capture card driver is not installed properly;

9. Crash during foot switch collection

(1) Re-insert the switch;

(2) Don't set it as direct start;

10. When the image is zoomed in, there is a shadow that is still

Reason: The refresh rate of the monitor is not enough

11. Image achromatic

(1) The capture card is broken;

(2) The line contact is not good;

12. The color of the image display area becomes dark after a short period of time

(1) Adjust the brightness of the camera;

(2) The graphics card is unstable, change the card;

The above is an introduction to the common faults and causes of digital video colposcope. If there is a problem with the machine, don’t worry, contact the Colposcope Manufacturer and provide the specific faults of the machine. Do not dismantle the machine by yourself, so as not to cause bigger problems.

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