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How To Properly Maintain Industrial Endoscopes?

Released on Oct. 13, 2021

The industrial endoscope can observe the inside of the curved tube and the part that cannot be seen directly by the human eye, and can observe and operate from a distance. Industrial endoscopes can be used to conveniently and quickly inspect the inside of various machines, equipment and assembled objects without disassembly or damage.

Industrial endoscope is a kind of daily non-destructive testing equipment. As equipment, after daily use, of course, routine maintenance is indispensable. So how to properly maintain Industrial Endoscopes?

1. The lens needs to be cleaned after every use of the industrial endoscope. Among the industrial endoscopes, the lens plays an important role in the angle of view. If the lens function is lost, the image information will be lost. When in use, the lens will extend into the machine and may encounter various stains. When the stains are not removed, the lens will be contaminated, which will affect its use. For this reason, after each use, the lens needs to be cleaned with clean water until it is on the screen or the human eye can see the normal image through the lens. In the process of cleaning, it is necessary to avoid using cleaning agents to prevent damage to the lens.

2. Don't pull hard:

During the detection process, if you encounter an object that obstructs the crawler, you should not pull it hard. You must find a way to extend it further, otherwise it will be curved as a line, which is not conducive to internal transmission.

3. Measures for the mirror falling to the ground:

After the mirror is accidentally dropped to the ground, you should immediately connect the optical cable and observe the object through the eyepiece to check whether it is damaged. If it is damaged, you should immediately send it to the relevant department for repair.

4. Clean and place the cabinet after use:

After the operation is completed, the thread of the reel should be cleaned with cloth first, and then re-bind after cleaning, and put it in the specified cabinet. The clarity of the mirror should be carefully observed before storing the cabinet to ensure the next use.

5. Protection of the probe:

In some special environments where industrial endoscopes take pictures and videos, cover the probe with something to protect it, so as not to cause friction on the probe and unclear pictures.

6. Handle with care:

When taking the cavity mirror, handle it gently and hold the objective lens to prevent the mirror from bending and landing.

The above briefly introduces how to properly maintain industrial endoscopes. Proper maintenance of industrial endoscopes can extend the service life of the equipment and reduce unnecessary economic losses.