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How To Choose An Industrial Endoscope?

Released on Oct. 14, 2021

Industrial endoscope technology has unique advantages. It can extend people's sight distance, and can change the direction of sight arbitrarily, and accurately observe the true condition of the inner surface of the object, which cannot be replaced by other detection instruments.

How to choose an industrial endoscope? Four important indicators of industrial endoscopes

1. The first choice is the auxiliary judgment of color is extremely critical. Accurate color reproduction is often important when identifying corrosion, welding area burn-through, and chemical composition defects. The color reproduction of the video screen imaging system of the industrial endoscope is excellent. It can record each three primary colors with a full broadband to achieve the maximum resolution.

Second, the automatic and intelligent adjustment of the brightness of the light source is also a necessary condition for a good observation effect. For example, the inner surface of the cavity is generally made of metal material, which has a certain degree of light reflection. If the brightness of the light source cannot be adjusted steplessly and automatically, but can only be adjusted by a manual extension, the obtained observation effect will definitely produce strong reflective white spots, which may result in the inability to complete the observation work, thereby affecting the detection effect.

Third, it is an all-round 360-degree guiding function that is indispensable in actual work. When it observes the inside of the container, we must observe the top and the bottom as well as pay attention to the surrounding conditions. This requires the industry The probe of the speculum can be rotated 360 degrees. If only four directions of guidance can be completed, the axial rotation operation of the insertion tube has to be tediously performed, which increases the difficulty of the work and affects the observation effect.

Fourth, it is the guarantee of measurement accuracy certification that will also allow users to be full of information about the test results. It is the same as when we use a ruler with accuracy certification and a ruler without accuracy certification. The measurement is indeed done, but the credibility of the data cannot be guaranteed without accuracy certification.

The above are the four important indicators of industrial endoscopes. Generally, we should pay attention to these four factors when selecting and using endoscopes.