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Four Criteria For The Classification Of Medical Endoscopes

Released on Jan. 10, 2020

With the development of science and technology, the treatment technology in the medical industry is constantly improving and progressing. Medical examination equipment is also gradually moving towards precision and intelligence. Today, the Medical Endoscopy Cart Supplier came to take stock of the four major criteria for the classification of medical endoscopes.

Medical endoscope is an inspection device commonly used in the medical industry to find the cause. It can pass through the natural channel of the human body or a small incision through surgery to make the endoscope lens enter the human body for shooting, and then display the picture taken by the lens through the corresponding display device, so that it can be more intuitive and accurate observation Conditions or changes in the human body, so as to find out the cause more quickly, and prescribe the right medicine.

Regarding the Endoscope Camera type, because it is a medical device product that needs to enter the body, the requirements for the entire process from production to use are very strict, and the classification criteria are also very strict, and there are many. There are four main classification criteria:

Endoscopy Camera For ENT

Endoscopy Camera For ENT

1. Press the part reached by the medical endoscope

It can be divided into Endoscopy Camera For ENT, skin inspection medical endoscope, ocular medical endoscope, oral endoscope, dental endoscope, neuroscope, urethral cystoscope, resection microscope, laparoscope, arthroscope, sinusoscope, laryngoscope, etc.

2. According to the development and imaging structure of medical endoscope

It can be roughly divided into 3 categories: rigid tube endoscope, fiber endoscope, electronic endoscope.

Fiber endoscope: It consists of an endoscope body and a cold light source. There are two optical fiber bundles in the lens body: one is called the beam, and the other is called the image beam. Observing the surface of the object, the doctor can see the condition of the organ surface very intuitively through the eyepiece, which is convenient for timely and accurate diagnosis of the disease.

Electronic endoscope: Instead of transmitting images by optical fiber, it is replaced by a photosensitive integrated circuit camera system. The main display is not only good image quality, high brightness, but also large images, which can detect smaller lesions. The outer diameter of the endoscope is thinner, the image is more clear and intuitive, and the operation is convenient.

3. Press the function of medical endoscope

It can be divided into single-function mirrors and multi-function mirrors.

Single function mirror: refers to the observation mirror without working channel, only the optical system;

Multifunctional mirror: In addition to having the function of an observation mirror, it has at least one working channel in the same lens body, and has various functions such as lighting, surgery, irrigation and suction.

4. It can the direction of the medical endoscope body be changed?

Clinically, classification is based on whether the endoscope body can change direction: it is divided into two types: hard mirror and flexible soft mirror. The rigid mirror is a prism optical system. The biggest advantage is that the imaging is clear. It can be equipped with multiple working channels and select multiple viewing angles.

The above is a detailed introduction about the types of medical endoscopes, I hope to help everyone.