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Composition Of Medical Endoscope

Released on Nov. 20, 2019

Endoscopic surgery is a model for the application of high-tech electronics, optics, and video in minimally invasive clinical disciplines. With the reform of the national medical system, the advancement of medical technology and the popularization of advanced medical equipment, endoscopic equipment systems are increasingly used in hospitals at all levels. Endoscopy equipment systems are called differently when they are applied to various clinical departments, such as: ventriculoscopy, thoracoscopy, hysteroscopy, Endoscopy Camera For ENT, ureteral nephroscope, prostate resection mirror, intervertebral disc mirror, arthroscope Laparoscopy and more. Among them, laparoscopy and hysteroscopy are the most popular. Unlike traditional surgery, it is performed in a closed cavity. Therefore, the quality of the equipment directly affects the effect of the operation, and the correct use of the equipment is directly related to the success and success of the operation. There are many endoscope brands on the market today, and their functional designs are different, but the basic principles are the same. Let ENT Endoscope Camera Companies Manufacturer introduce the composition system of the endoscope.

Medical endoscope system mainly consists of equipment system and surgical instrument system. Surgical instrument systems are mainly classified by department or surgery name. There are endoscopes, specialized instruments, surgical instruments and disposable surgical supplies used in various departments. Below we mainly discuss the structural composition of the equipment system.

Endoscope Camera

Endoscope Camera

In the equipment system, we can usually be divided into: camera imaging system, image recording system, light source system, artificial pneumoperitoneum system, liquid pressurization system, electrocoagulation and resection system, power ablation system, irrigation suction system and so on.

(1) Camera development system: The system includes a monitor and a camera. There are two types of monitors: conventional CRT and LCD, and the camera has two types: single CCD and 3CCD. Most high-end customers now use LCD monitors with 3CCD cameras.

(2) Image recording system: Many hospitals now choose computer-based graphic workstations. The system is divided into two parts: computer hardware and graphic acquisition software.

(3) Light source system: also known as cold light source. The cold light source bulb is charged with two kinds of halogen and xenon, and its output power is 70-400W. Now 300W xenon light source is the mainstream product. Its outstanding feature is the strong light, color temperature of 5600-6000k, similar to sunlight, covering the entire band from ultraviolet to infrared.

(4) Artificial pneumoperitoneum system: Connect the pneumoperitoneum machine to the carbon dioxide cylinder, and unscrew the valve on the cylinder, and then open the pneumoperitoneum machine. According to the needs of the surgery, select a preset pressure value. When the pressure in the abdominal cavity exceeds or is low At the set value, the automatic carbon dioxide insufflator can automatically start or stop gas injection.

(5) Liquid pressurization system: Joint pumps, dilatation pumps and bladder pumps are mainly used to pressurize liquids to form a cavity, and then perform surgery in the cavity through instruments.

(6) Electrocoagulation and resection system: high frequency electrosurgical knife is often used in general open surgery and minimally invasive surgery.

(7) Dynamic ablation system: Powered planing system and ion ablation knife are mostly used in sinusoscopic and arthroscopic surgery. Although these two types of equipment are expensive, they greatly shorten the intraoperative time and reduce Up the risk of surgery.

(8) Flushing suction system: The equipment flushing flow rate should reach at least 1 L / min.

The above is a detailed introduction to the medical Endoscope Camera composition system, I hope to help everyone.