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Common Faults Of Endoscope System

Released on Dec. 26, 2019

After long-term maintenance of operating room equipment, it was found that endoscope failures can be divided into complex failures, medium failures, and simple failures according to the ease of maintenance and the size of the failure. No matter what kind of failure, we must understand the working principle of the instrument and handle it with rich maintenance experience and technology. Below ENT Endoscope Camera Companies Manufacturer and everyone briefly introduce several common faults of endoscopes.

Endoscope Camera

Endoscope Camera

1. Common faults of camera imaging system

(A) The image is noisy. Generally, it is because of interference with the line when using high-frequency equipment such as an electric knife. At this time, we need to check whether the camera and the shielded wire in the connection are connected. There is also a case where interference fringes also occur when high-frequency equipment is not used. At this time, the shielding layer of the connecting line signal line is worn due to long-term use. You need to see if there is a problem with the connection of the camera or the entire wire body is aging. The former needs to be re-soldered, while the latter needs to be replaced with the connecting wire. Therefore, try to avoid the wires being run over by the instrument cart or surgical cart on the ground during use.

(B) Image color cast. When the color of the scene cannot be restored after the white balance and the influence of other supporting equipment are excluded, we believe that it may be caused by the aging signal transmission defect of the wire, or the camera circuit components may be deteriorated, or it may be caused by the camera CCD. At this time, we only need to replace the corresponding accessories.

(C) Malfunctions of the camera host rarely occur. If a software failure (program failure) occurs, it can only be returned to the manufacturer to replace the program chip.

2. Common faults of image recording system

(A) The foot switch has failed.

(B) Poor connection of video cable.

(C) Computer hardware failure.

(D) The system software or image acquisition software is faulty.

3.Common faults of the light source system

(A) The light is dim. Except for the reason that the light barrier is blocked, it is basically certain that the bulb is nearing the end of its service life, and a new bulb may be used. The service life of xenon light bulbs is generally designed at 500 hours. If the light source system has a life timer device, this problem can be easily solved.

(B) The light bulb does not turn on. If the cause of burning the light bulb is ruled out, then the problem often lies in the high-voltage ignition circuit of the host, because when the machine is turned on, the machine will generate pulsed high voltage of tens of thousands of volts, and the components will age particularly quickly. Note that you cannot use a multimeter to check the pulse high voltage at this time.

4, maintenance summary

In order to reduce the occurrence of equipment failure as much as possible, a dedicated operating room for Endoscope Camera should be set up to reduce the movement and damage of the instrument, and the specialist nurses for endoscopy should be assigned to use and maintain it. The method of use, strict implementation of operating procedures, grasp the pre-operative inspection, intraoperative troubleshooting, and postoperative maintenance in a timely manner. If there is a problem with the equipment, the first thing is to take emergency repairs, because this can solve small and medium-sized faults that account for about 85% of faults. The most difficult problem in actual repair is the order of replacement parts. Manufacturers also rarely sell accessories. If the equipment is damaged, it is better to deal with it, and you can directly find the manufacturer. At present, many hospitals use domestic equipment, and some domestic equipment has reached foreign standards or even exceeded foreign standards in terms of technology. Using domestic equipment can not only reduce some procurement costs, but also facilitate maintenance and accessories are easier to purchase.

The above are the common faults of the endoscope system introduced by Adjustable Height Medical Trolley Manufacturer. Hope to help you.