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Do You Want to Know about Colposcopy?

Released on Mar. 26, 2020

Colposcopy is a gynecological clinical diagnostic instrument and one of the gynecological endoscopes. It is suitable for the diagnosis of various cervical diseases and genital lesions and is also an important way for early diagnosis of male and female sexual diseases. German scholars invented in 1925 that after more than half a century of development, colposcopy has been widely used in the diagnosis of diseases of the lower reproductive system, especially for the pre-cancerous lesions of the lower reproductive tract, early cancer and early diagnosis of sexual diseases. At present, colposcopy is mainly produced by Colposcope Machine Supplier suppliers for the medical industry.

The colposcopy can magnify the observed image by 10 to 60 times, and find small lesions that cannot be found by the naked eye. With this magnifying the effect, doctors can clearly see the tiny details of the lesions on the epidermis of the cervix and genitals, which can help improve the accuracy of judging lesions such as the cervix and genitals, and provide a basis for early diagnosis of the disease and enable patients to Get effective treatment in advance greatly improves the cure rate of the disease.

Colposcopy can be divided into two types according to their functions: one is a diagnostic colposcopy, also known as a standard colposcopy, which is only suitable for examination, and there is no special energy matching for colposcopy surgery. The second type is a diagnostic colposcopy. This type of colposcope is a combination of ordinary colposcope and special energy sources, such as laser combined colposcope, etc. The colposcope can be equipped with coaxial during colposcopy examination. Laser for local laser surgery. According to the imaging system, it can also be divided into two categories: one is optical colposcopy: refers to the colposcopy that is imaged through the optical lens system. One type is an electronic colposcope: a Digital Colposcope that converts optical information into digital information by CCD.

Because the colposcopy is light and small, but still has an excellent reach, doctors can freely position the microscope to the required surgical area. Its positioning is easy, fast and precise. It has a very long and extremely lightweight swing arm mechanism. The best of both worlds: perfect surgical positioning and optimal space management. The colposcope is also easily positioned freely. All joints are horizontally steered with damping bearing technology. The hydraulic height lift monitor arm can be easily adjusted by users of different heights. The unique free arm technology allows the microscope to be accurately stabilized and lifted freely to achieve space. Any point is fixed, balanced, and has no inertia rebound. It has a large space stretching ability. Humanized design and safe operation. Powerful computer-integrated image management system, Digital Video Colposcope Factory made electronic microscope with editing functions fully compatible with existing computer technology, the application of WORD and PowerPoint software can effectively assist clinical experts to write papers with rich image data. The construction of a gynecological image resource platform can facilitate the establishment of cervical disease imaging standards, obtain different types of raw image data, and facilitate scientific research and teaching.