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The Artifact Of Car Inspection-Car Endoscope

Released on Mar. 16, 2021

Endoscopes are not only a good helper for doctors, but also show their skills in the industrial field. Automotive endoscopes are scientific testing instruments that integrate traditional optics, precision machinery, modern electronics, mathematics, and software. With the help of the optical image of the Car Endoscope, the six major systems of the car's appearance, interior, brake, engine, chassis, and electrical appliances can be accurately detected.

Car Endoscope

Advantages of car endoscope:

1. The spark plug hole or fuel injection nozzle that is difficult to be detected manually can be clearly shown by the use of an endoscope, such as carbon deposits and foreign bodies in the cylinder.

2. The car endoscope is easy to operate, flexible, and portable. The soft, small and bendable insertion tube can reach any hidden part that needs to be checked, so that parts that are not easy to see can also be easily detected. Such as the detection of automobile engine compartments, the emergence of automobile endoscopes has greatly improved the precision of automobile maintenance and detection, made detection data more accurate, and reduced the work intensity of inspectors and improved work efficiency. Traditional engine inspection requires disassembly of parts, because internal problems must be disassembled to see internal problems. Since the appearance of automobile endoscopes, vehicle disassembly inspection has been avoided, and the service life of parts has been greatly increased.

3. In car maintenance, car endoscopes have been successfully used to detect and diagnose car engines, cylinders, fuel pipes, engines, mufflers, conveying systems, differentials, water tanks, fuel tanks, gear boxes, wear, carbon deposits, blockages, etc. Circumstances improve work efficiency, reduce repair costs, and avoid damage caused by multiple disassembly and assembly of mechanical parts.

What can be checked by a car endoscope?

1. Piston and spark plug carbon deposit inspection

Carbon deposit inspection can be judged by disassembling the car engine or observing the change in feedback voltage, but these two methods have relatively high professional requirements; while using the car endoscope to check the car engine, it can pass through the spark plug hole or spray Oil nozzle, you can directly observe various faults inside the cylinder.

2. The inner wall of the exhaust pipe

The car endoscope inspects the inner wall of the exhaust pipe, and it can be seen that there are tiny welding holes in the exhaust pipe wall.

3. Auto parts inspection

Detect whether there are cracks, pigmentation, etc. inside the auto parts, the tested hole is bent, and the smallest diameter is 4MM. Normal inspection cannot be directly observed.

4. Inspection of automobile castings

The inspection of automobile castings is mainly to check the impurities and trachoma inside the product.

5. Engine cylinder detection

6. Detection of engine exhaust catalyst

7. Cylinder head inspection

In addition, automotive endoscopes can also be applied to gearbox inspection, water tank, fuel tank inspection, fuel injection hole inspection, etc.