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Clinical application of medical HD endoscope camera system (laparoscope)

Released on May. 12, 2022

Clinical application of medical HD endoscope camera system (laparoscope).

Laparoscopic surgery is the use of laparoscopy and its related instruments: use a medical cold light source to provide illumination, insert a laparoscopic lens (3-10mm in diameter) into the abdominal cavity, and use digital camera technology to make the images captured by the laparoscopic lens pass through. The optical fiber is conducted to the post-stage signal processing system and displayed on the dedicated medical monitor in real time. Then the doctor analyzes and judges the patient's condition through the images of different angles of the patient's organs displayed on the medical monitor screen, and uses special laparoscopic instruments for surgery. Laparoscopic surgery mostly uses 2 to 4 holes, one of which is opened on the belly button of the human body to avoid leaving long scars in the abdominal cavity of the patient. After recovery, only 1 to 3 to 1 hole is left in the abdominal cavity. The linear scar of centimeters can be said to be a small wound and less painful operation, so some people call it "keyhole" surgery.

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