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Application of endoscope camera in urology (ureteroscope)

Released on May. 13, 2022

Application of endoscope camera in urology (ureteroscope).

Open a new concept of endoscopic camera combination:

YKD-9003 integrated endoscope camera is composed of 15-inch professional monitor + high-definition camera + LED cold light source + image storage, itself is a system;

YKD-9003 integrated endoscope camera (as a high-definition camera with light source) + professional monitor above 24 inches + trolley, etc. form a system;

This combination is simple, practical and cost-effective!

YKD-9003 medical HD endoscope camera can be used for hysteroscope, laparoscope, arthroscope, otolaryngoscope, foramenoscope, ureteroscope, etc.