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  • YKD-9005 LED Light Source
  • YKD-9005 LED Light Source
  • YKD-9005 LED Light Source
  • YKD-9005 LED Light Source

    Product Details

    Features of LED cold light source

    1. 80w LED cold light source module, adopt advanced LED solid illumination technology, precise optical design thermal dissipation system, transfer even super bright via optic fiber.

    2. The medical light source is low power consumption, high bright light, long working hour, various function connection.


    Parameters of medical light source

    ProgrameTechnical data
    LED consumption80W
    Color temperature6500k-7300k
    Luminous lux2000lm
    Best match optical fiber5mm, NA>0.6
    Luminous lux(Best match optical fiber)800lm
    Illumination(Best match optical fiber)400,000lux
    Coloration index70
    Spectral range400nm-700nm

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