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What kind of light source is used in endoscopy?

Released on May. 26, 2021

The cold light source of the endoscope is designed to provide the endoscope with high brightness, basically free of infrared components, and visible light illumination with suitable color temperature. It is an indispensable equipment in endoscopic minimally invasive surgery.What kind of light source is used in endoscopy?

The cold light source of the endoscope is divided into ordinary halogen light source, xenon light source, and LED light source according to the type. The colors of the three light sources are close to daylight, which makes the eyes feel the image lifelike. With the continuous upgrading of endoscopy technology, halogen lamps have been slowly eliminated at present. Xenon lamps and LED lamps are more commonly used, but xenon lamps have a short life and are often replaced. LED cold light sources have the advantages of small size, long life, and high efficiency. It can be used continuously for up to 100,000 hours, and in the future, the LED light source will become the mainstream in endoscope technology.

Precautions for using endoscope cold light source:

1. The bulb life warning light is red and flashing and must be replaced immediately.

2. During the use of the equipment, do not switch the machine frequently, otherwise it will affect the life of the bulb. If you want to stop using the main unit for a short time, you can adjust the knob to the minimum light output.

3. During use, generally do not set the brightness adjustment knob to the maximum position to prevent burnout of the optical fiber.

4. The cold light source must be placed in a well-ventilated place to prevent the host from overheating.

5. The fiber optic cable is strictly prohibited to be folded, and should be hovered at an obtuse angle during maintenance.

Endoscope cold light source