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What is a digital electronic colposcope?

Released on Apr. 27, 2021

Is the digital electronic colposcope good? For dealers who do not understand, this question is often asked. First of all, we need to understand what is a digital electronic colposcope? What kind of inspection is the digital electronic colposcope used for?

What is a digital electronic colposcope?

The digital electronic colposcopy is mainly composed of LED light source, colposcopy camera, bracket, trolley, display, etc., which can collect clear images while moving, accurately measure the area and circumference of the lesion, without any damage to the patient, and can A biopsy performed on the patient’s part can be used for the detection of cervical, vaginal and vulvar lesions. It has a certain reference value for cervical cancer and genital cancer, and the accuracy of clinical diagnosis is high.

What is a digital electronic colposcope?

What kind of inspection is the digital electronic colposcope used for?

1. There are abnormal clinical symptoms and signs, such as abnormally increased vaginal secretions that are ineffective in medical treatment, contact bleeding, and cervicitis that does not heal for a long time;

2. Abnormal vaginal cytology, Pap smear grade 2 or above;

3. Clinically suspicious lesions, which are found in clinically suspicious lesions or undiagnosed new organisms by naked eyes;

4. Biopsy can be performed under colposcopy to improve the correct rate of pathological diagnosis;

5. When clinical and pathological do not match, if the clinical diagnosis does not match the pathological diagnosis, the correct diagnosis can be made with the help of colposcopy;

6. Patients with cervical precancerous lesions and suspicious cervical cancer;

7. Suspicious cervical metastases;

8. Vaginal lesions such as vaginal neoplasms, nodules, etc. of unknown nature;

9. Diagnosis of vulvar lesions, vulvar itching, vulvar pigment changes, and unknown nature of vulvar vegetation, etc.;

10. The diagnosis of condyloma acuminatum is especially the diagnosis of subclinical lesions;

11. After follow-up treatments for cervicitis, cervical precancerous lesions, condyloma acuminatum, vaginal lesions, vulvar lesions, etc., colposcopy can be used to evaluate the treatment effect and dynamically observe the development of the disease.

Why do electronic colposcopy?

Electronic colposcopy is a commonly used clinical gynecological examination instrument. It can effectively diagnose genital lesions with good magnification. It can magnify the picture up to 60 times and has high definition. It can not only find tiny lesions, but also clearly see the The epidermal structure of the cervix and the details of the small lesions provide effective reference data for clinical diagnosis, improve the diagnostic accuracy of the cervix and genitals, and improve the effectiveness of treatment.

Electronic colposcopy is of great value in the diagnosis of female lower genital tract diseases, especially in the diagnosis of cervical diseases. Electronic colposcopy is suitable for married or unmarried women with sexual life experience, especially cervical erosion, long-term treatment, contact bleeding history, positive cervical cytology, clinical human papillary virus infection has important examination value. Vaginal examination is easy to operate, the patient is painless, and the examination can be repeated. Therefore, vaginal examination is a screening method for early detection of cervical cancer.

Colposcopy can detect cervical lesions in time, provide a biopsy of suspicious abnormal sites, and make a diagnosis in conjunction with pathological examinations. This can increase the examination rate of cervical precancerous lesions and cervical cancer. In recent years, cervical precancerous lesions and early cervical cancer The number of detected cases is increasing, and electronic colposcopy is an important means to diagnose early cervical cancer and cervical precancerous lesions.

Electronic colposcopy is of great value in diagnosing female lower genital tract diseases, especially in the diagnosis of cervical diseases, and can detect cervical diseases in time.