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What is a digital colposcope? What does it do?

Released on Jul. 26, 2021

It is said that the physical examination needs to be comprehensive, but not all examinations must be done. For example, the digital colposcope is a very good examination method for women, but not all people have to do this examination. What is a digital colposcope? What does it do? Under what circumstances do digital colposcopy, etc.

digital colposcope

What is a digital colposcope?

Digital colposcope is a kind of endoscope for gynecological examination. It is an external magnifying optical speculum, like a camera, placed about 20 cm away from the cervical opening, and there is a computer screen next to it to watch! It is also like a magnifying glass, which can help doctors clearly understand the condition of the cervix and vaginal wall, once the magnification is 10-60 times.

What is the function of digital colposcope?

Digital colposcope is mainly used to check female lower genital tract diseases, and it is also of great value for the diagnosis of uterine diseases. Colposcopy can detect cervical lesions in time, and it can also provide fixed-point biopsy of suspicious abnormal parts. Patients with chronic cervicitis who have not been effective for a long time can also be examined through this examination.

Under what circumstances do colposcope?

(1) Cytological examination showed abnormal or suspicious, such as ASCUS, AGUS and positive results.

(2) Suspicious clinical history.

(3) Suspicious clinical signs.

(4) Before treatment of cervical disease.

(5) Before the hysterectomy, the patient lacked the normal record of cytology screening in the past, if the cervical smear is abnormal and the cervical disease is suspected.

(6) Review after treatment of uterine lesions.

(7) After hysterectomy, the surgical indication is CIN or higher.

Digital colposcope is used for screening and diagnosis of vulvar, vagina, and cervical diseases, and general cancer prevention of internal and external genital tract, especially cervical cancer screening. Through colposcopy, the surface morphology and terminal vascular network of the lesion can be directly observed. The cervix tissue is enlarged and automatically transferred to the computer processing system after digital camera to clearly observe the nature of the lesion and guide the biopsy, which greatly improves the early diagnosis rate of cervical cancer and provides scientific basis for the early treatment of cervical cancer.