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What are the advantages of IKEDA Ultra HD 4K Medical Endoscope Camera System?

Released on May. 23, 2022

IKEDA Ultra HD 4K Medical Endoscope Camera System adopts 4K Ultra HD image sensor, which makes it easier to observe the subtle lesions of the patient. Its high-quality light source and low-loss digitally enlarged images can identify extremely small image details. Operation It is very simple and can be used for both diagnosis and surgical treatment. It has the characteristics of full digital output, clear image, dual-mirror combined operation mode, five operation scene modes, and one-key switching. It is widely used in minimally invasive surgery in general surgery, urology, gynecology, orthopedics, ENT, neurosurgery, plastic surgery and other surgical systems.

The application of IKEDA Ultra HD 4K medical endoscope camera system for surgical operation can provide the surgeon with a clearer surgical field and vivid images, and the significantly enhanced reality and sufficient magnification can bring the surgeon better positioning, Directional force, thereby improving the precision of surgery. The delicate anatomical imaging under the 4K ultra-high-definition imaging technology can help improve the operator's anatomical identification, improve the accuracy of surgery, and complete the fine anatomy more smoothly.

True Ultra HD - 4K UHD

IKEDA Ultra HD 4K Medical Endoscope Camera System has 4K-level resolution (3840 x 2160p), which is 4 times that of Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080p). The biggest change brought by the 4K medical endoscope camera system is that The images are more high-definition, richer in details, more color levels, wider field of view, and more realistic, which is comparable to the human eye to observe deep colors and experience immersive surgery. The IKEDA 4K camera bayonet 14-32 has parfocal zoom technology. For the same operating field during the operation, after a single focus, the focus will not be lost during the zoom process; during the operation, there is no need to focus repeatedly, the operation process is simple, and the operation efficiency is improved;


55-inch large screen immersive experience

Fully laminated panel technology, anti-glare screen, presenting realistic images;

Customized gamma function: Built-in multiple display modes or gamma curves to meet the different requirements of the hospital; the gamma curve customization function can also be performed according to the needs of users.

The large screen can occupy a larger field of view, eliminate other interference, provide a better immersive experience, and help doctors improve their concentration and surgical performance;

The 4K medical endoscope camera system is the latest technology in the field of endoscopy and an important development direction of minimally invasive surgery. The 4K medical endoscope camera system can provide better resolution, viewing angle and operation coordination, visual acuity, color resolution, and higher color discrimination, which is helpful for more accurate division and determination of anatomical resection plane. In addition, in the process of resection, the tissue structure can be clearly distinguished, which is conducive to the identification of bile ducts and blood vessels at all levels in the liver section, so that the corresponding blood vessels and bile ducts can be clamped and cut off more accurately.