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Principle Of Medical Endoscope

Released on Nov. 13, 2019

Medical endoscope is one of the most commonly used instruments in the medical industry. Medical endoscope is a medical electronic optical instrument that can be inserted into the body cavity and internal organs for direct observation, diagnosis and treatment. It can directly observe the tissue morphology of the internal organs of the human body, which can improve the accuracy of diagnosis. The advantages of the endoscopic diagnosis and treatment technology combined with medical endoscopes have been recognized by the medical community. So what is his principle? The following Endoscopic Camera supplier will come to tell you.

Endoscopy Camera

Endoscopy Camera

First, let's first understand the structure of the medical endoscope.

1 Basic composition structure:

The main structure of the medical endoscope is composed of a CCD coupling cavity mirror, an intracavity cold light illumination system, a video processing system, and a display printing system. The common Endoscopy Camera For ENT are basically such a structure. The CCD coupling cavity mirror places the CCD coupling device at the apex of the endoscope, directly photographs the tissue or part of the cavity, and transmits the signal to the image center via the cable. A medical endoscope does not transmit an image through an optical lens or an optical fiber, but converts light energy into electrical energy through a photoelectric coupling element CCD called a "micro camera" installed at the tip end of the endoscope, and then "reconstructs" through the image processor. High-resolution, color-realistic images are displayed on the monitor screen.

2 Working principle:

The working principle of the medical endoscope is that the cold light source illuminates the detected or surgical part, and the objective lens images the measured object on the CCD photosensitive surface, and the CCD converts the optical signal into an electrical signal, which is transmitted from the cable to the video processor, and is processed and restored. Displayed on the monitor. The CCD photosurface consists of regularly arranged diodes. Each diode is called a pixel. The number of pixels determines the quality of the image.

3 video processor and display printing system

The role of the video processor is to convert the analog signal provided by the medical endoscope CCD into a digital signal of binary code, and can record and save the image in various ways, such as: recording a clear dynamic image by means of a video recorder; using 35mm The camera captures a still image while the monitor image is "frozen"; records a dynamic or still image with a laser disc; records a still image with a floppy disk, and the like. In addition, the medical endoscope system can also be connected to an electronic computer, and the clinical data such as the patient's name, gender, age, main symptoms, diagnosis results, and various recorded images are stored in the computer, and the inspection report can be printed by editing. It is also convenient for patient follow-up and medical record statistics as well as remote consultation and teaching. This so-called "text workstation" can be connected to patients and image data workstations in various departments of the hospital to realize computer management of the hospital. At present, the medical endoscope graphic system has been widely used in major hospitals, and is welcomed and praised by doctors and patients.

The medical endoscope is a medical device that integrates high-precision technology such as light, machine and electricity. In order to alleviate the suffering of patients, the insertion tube of the electronic endoscope is made as thin as possible, and in such a narrow space, various pipes, a camera system, an optical fiber bundle, an angle adjusting device, a lifting clamp device and a zoom system are accommodated. Etc., the degree of sophistication and "petty" is conceivable. Therefore, proper operation and maintenance methods are essential. The above is a description of the principle of endoscopes by Multifunction Medical Trolley Supplier, hoping to help everyone.