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Precautions for using medical endoscope camera

Released on Jun. 29, 2021

The medical endoscope camera is connected with the monitor and the optical endoscope, which can help the doctor to clearly view the location of the disease during the operation, such as foraminal surgery, arthroscopic surgery, laparoscopic surgery, etc., in the visible situation The operation has greatly improved the success rate of the operation. First of all, doctors need to be skilled in operating the machine and understand the precautions for use.

Precautions for using medical endoscope camera:

1) Do not discount the light guide during use, so as not to damage the light guide and affect the transmission of light;

2) There needs to be an interval of 2-3 seconds between the two switch machines;

3) When the power is on, do not move or shake the instrument, and do not connect or disassemble any parts of the instrument;

4) The instrument should be placed in a clean and ventilated room for use. Avoid placing it with chemicals and electrical appliances with strong electromagnetic and electric fields;

5) The surface of the instrument is easy to absorb dust due to the effect of static electricity. Please disconnect the power when wiping, and wipe with a softer absorbent cotton to avoid scratches on the surface;

6) When there is dust on the surface of the camera lens, wipe it with absorbent cotton and alcohol;

7) The instrument should avoid frequent switching, otherwise it is easily damaged. When the instrument is not in use, the power should be turned off, the external power supply should be unplugged, and the cover should be covered; when it is not used for a long time, it should be wiped clean, placed in the packing box, and regularly powered on and run (usually powered on and run every other month);

8) When the endoscope equipment loses its function, it is forbidden to open the case by yourself, and you should contact the company for repair;

9) If the surface temperature of the applied part of the instrument exceeds 41℃, stop using it and let it cool down before continuing to use it to avoid burns;

10) When replacing the lighting LED light source, professional personnel must be responsible for the replacement, and non-professional personnel are prohibited from operating;

11) Before the endoscope is used, it must be equipped with a suitable filter to prevent the endoscope's light exit window from transmitting high-energy light, which will damage the eyes;

13) Before each use, it is necessary to check whether the endoscope and the accessories of the endoscope cause safety hazards: such as rough surface, sharp edges or protrusions;

The above is an introduction to the precautions for using medical endoscope cameras. Correct operation can prolong the service life of the machine.