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Precautions for the use of medical monitors

Released on May. 30, 2022

Medical monitor provide surgeons and operating room staff with clear images from medical cameras and other medical imaging medical devices. Through the images obtained on medical monitors, doctors can intuitively observe the real situation of various organs such as internal organs, helping doctors to better Perform surgery, observe the lesion and treat it.

medical monitor

Precautions for the use of medical monitors:

1. The medical monitor should be placed in a clean and ventilated room for use. Before using the product, please reserve at least a 5 cm gap around the device for ventilation; The equipment is used in proximity or stacking, and if it must be used in proximity or stacking, it should be observed to verify that it operates properly in the configuration in which it is used.

2. When the medical monitor is working normally, please do not place it in a sealed cabinet or cover the monitor with a cloth for ventilation and heat dissipation.

3. It is forbidden to scratch or hit the medical display with hard objects, because the surface of the liquid crystal display is a polarized film. If you scratch with a pen or a hard object, it is easy to scratch the polarized film and affect the display effect.

4. Do not place the medical monitor near a heat source or direct sunlight to avoid accelerated aging.

5. When using the medical monitor, please do not turn it on and off frequently, otherwise the LCD lamp will be damaged and the service life of the monitor will be shortened; also do not let the medical monitor work in a standby state for a long time, and the power should be turned off. , unplug the external power supply, and cover the cover with a cloth; if the monitor is not used for a long time, it should be wiped clean, placed in the packaging box, and turned on and powered on regularly (usually once every half a month), so as to prevent the instrument from Moisture reduces the performance of electronic components.

6. It is forbidden to continue to use the medical monitor in an abnormal state. If you find that the monitor image is flickering, the brightness becomes brighter and a white retrace line appears, there is an ozone smell in the machine or there is an internal fire, abnormal sound, etc., you should stop using it immediately. , and repair it in time.

7. Medical monitors are easy to absorb dust, so they should be placed in a clean and well-ventilated environment. If the screen of the medical monitor is dirty or dusty, please disconnect the power supply before cleaning, and clean it strictly according to the cleaning method in the manual.

8. After using the medical monitor, please turn off the power first, and then remove the supporting cable.

9. Do not suddenly move the medical monitor from a cold place to a warm place (temperature difference ≥10°C), or do not suddenly increase the indoor temperature, otherwise water vapor may be formed on the outer surface and inside of the main unit (that is, condensation will form). phenomenon); if the product is condensed, please turn off the power in time, and wait until the condensation disappears before re-operating the product; if the device is operated in a condensed state, it may cause equipment failure or damage.

10. When the medical monitor equipment loses its function, it is forbidden to open the case by itself, and you should contact the company for maintenance; the manufacturer can provide the circuit diagram of the instrument, the list of instrument components, legends, and calibration rules according to the user's requirements to help qualified technicians repair , required by the manufacturer to specify serviceable parts of equipment.

Medical monitors are indispensable equipment in surgery. Medical staff need to understand the precautions during use to avoid equipment damage and affect use.

medical monitor